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21st August 2005

carcinoswa8:55am: A message from Dan
Hey Guys. Just thought I'd drop in for an update.

The new CD is almost finished. As of right now we have probably 95% completed. We recorded 23 songs and none of it is filler. It'll be hard to pick the right songs for the album, but we want to make sure there is a good mix of songs that accurately represents us so that's why we want to make sure that we've recorded everything we have. We want to be able to pick from everything to make the decision on what songs will be included and which ones we'll save for B-Sides, Soundtracks, etc..

Each song has it's own identity and something special that sets it aside from the rest. We are VERY excited about what we're creating and believe that if you liked the 1st CD you will definitely like the new one as much if not better.

If asked to describe the stuff, I'd definitely say that it reaches even farther than the first album. There are songs that are edgier and heavier than the first CD, but there are also songs that take the melody we had on the first album and develop it even more. I think we've truly come together as a unit and our songwriting has come a long way. There is definitely something for everyone on this album.

As for a release date, that's up in the air. We are still deciding on what route to take, be it releasing the album independently or going through a label. We'll know more soon, so stay tuned.

I want to thank everyone that has stuck behind us and I want you to know that we definitely appreciate it. We are doing everything we can to keep from letting you guys down!!!

We've had a rough time the past 2 years, but are working through it and are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Doing everything on our own without financial backing has been tough, but we're nearing the finish line and will have a product for you sooner or later, just bear with us!!!

Thanks again...you all ROCK!!!!


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21st July 2005

coasterman2:14pm: Modesto X-fest
Just to let everyone know the X-Fest is a 21 and over show only
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3rd July 2005

carcinoswa9:05pm: Show In S.F. Recap
Here's the set list they played last night at the Cherry Bar,

2.Real Thing
3.Biggest Part
4.In The Wind
5.Coming Down
7.Cut You Out
8.Hold On (1st or 2nd time played live I believe)
9.Two Angels
10.This Time (Jeremy said it's been a long time since he played the guitar for that song)
11.The Way I Am (1st time played live)

It was great to see them back in No. Cal again and I can't wait for the Modesto X-Fest Saturday July 23rd.

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14th June 2005

carcinoswa6:28pm: Shows in No. Cal
Here's the news I've been waiting to tell you about. Shows in S.F. and in Modesto. Here's the scoop

Saturday, July 2nd- w/ Porpoise, Transport and More!
The Cherry Bar
917 Folsom Street (Corner of 5th)
San Francisco, CA 94107

Tickets $9 Doors 9:00pm (18+)


Saturday, July 23rd- w/ Grandaddy 97, Flying High, Dishwalla, Sir Mix-a-Lot, etc.
The Modesto X Fest
9th through 11th street between G and J

Modesto, CA 95350

Tickets $20 Doors 3:00pm

Hope you can make it,


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carcinoswa6:18pm: In our thoughts
Not sure if most of you heard the terrible news about Jeremy's (Depswa's singer/guitarist) brother's (Nick Penick) fatal motorcycle accident on Sunday, but it is really a hard time for Jeremy and his family. He has been with his family since Sunday and will be there through the weekend.

I spoke with him today and he's doing better, but I still sense that it is an extremely hard time for him.

I suggested that we cancel our show at the Troubadour next weekend so that Jeremy could mourn the loss of his brother and get to a good headspace, but he said he did not want to do that and that his brother would not want us to cancel either. After-all his brother was truly our biggest fan and believed in us and our music wholeheartedly. He wouldn't want us to let down any of our friends or fans on his account.

So, with that said, we are going to honor Jeremy's wishes and put on the best show we can humanly muster.

All I ask is that you all try your best to make it out and show your love and support for Jeremy. If you can't make it to the show, maybe drop him a quick note on myspace http://www.myspace.com/jeremypenick to show him that your hearts and prayers are with him in this extremely hard time of his life. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.

We'd like to dedicate this show to the memory of Nick Penick. He was truly a kindred spirit and someone that always looked at life in a positive way.


Dan Noonan

Depswa (Dedicated in memory of Nick Penick)
Sunday, June 26th


9081 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA

with Supervillian, Neurobox, Section 8, Red Snow, and Noneye.

Check the tour section of depswa.com for details!

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9th June 2005

carcinoswa5:23pm: A must see if you're in L.A.


Sunday, June 26th


9081 Santa Monica Blvd

West Hollywood, CA

with Supervillian, Neurobox, Section 8, Red Snow, and Noneye.

Come on out this show will be off-the-hook!

Check the tour section of depswa.com for details!

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10th April 2005

carcinoswa9:24am: Maybe in June
I found out that the show in S.F. is being co-sponsored and the bands were already set up before gotmarrow jumped aboard. So unfortunately Depswa won't be playing that show but we'll hopefully have some news about a show in June. I’ll do my best to keep you posted on the latest and have some good news for you soon.

Thank you,

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30th March 2005

carcinoswa8:06pm: Coming Soon!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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25th March 2005

carcinoswa8:21pm: Live show in S.F.
Hello there,
Depswa will be coming to S.F. soon. Go to www.gotmarrow.com to find out the details. It's for a great cause. The show is called Bobby D's Rock to the Bone. The Rock to the Bone show at the Key Club a few weeks back was amazing. Their new music is kick ass and the the completed tracks for the new CD sound great. So get ready to rock.

Unoffical President of the Depsquad

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Key Club 3-12-05

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20th February 2005

jelly_bracelet11:05am: hey there
Hey guys.. just letting you know that I'm gonna be out in LA in april.. most likely it'll be permenant. I've got a band out there offering me a singing gig. ;) can't wait to hang out with you all again.
I'm sure me and Deidre will have to stop by soon after i'm there.

and Hi Dan! (Angel told me that you said hello at NAMM)

*big hugs* - Kelly in FL

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18th February 2005

jinxpenguin3:45pm: Hey,

I thought I'd plug my radio show here. It's a modern rock show airing every friday night at 10-12 EST. You can listen here:


Tentative play list for tonight may include...

Tub Ring
The Postman Syndrome
Day One Symphony
Dearly Departed
The Felix Culpa
Ben Kenny
At The Drive In
Circa Survive
Cave In
Oh My God
Skeleton Key
and....The Cooper Temple Clause.

Tell your friends.

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8th February 2005

steffyrawkchick4:08pm: Depswa LIVE Photos!!

With Guest appearances by:


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30th January 2005


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27th August 2004

cloudkittycat1:38pm: YES!
Okay, my best friend and I found Depswa a little over a year ago in Pinetop, AZ, at a used CD store.
And we immediately fell in love with them.

And there is an actual group for them! :D Joy!
So I'm from Tucson, Arizona, I'm 15, and my name is Andi. Depswa is currently going to play in Tempe tomorrow evening, and I don't have a ride there. *cries*
However...if the boys ever see this community, I'd REALLY love it if they'd play in Tucson sometime. And believe me, we'd find a way to get there. :P And I'd bring about 20 of my friends, so there would be an audience of 2 girls, screaming and clapping and totally into all of this, and 18 other girls/gay men who are sitting around, nodding and loving the music.
Hehe...that's how I imagine it to be, at least...and I'm sure there will be more people...I was just seeing what if it was just me and my friends, you know?

Okay, so now I'm typing without thinking. Sorry guys.

My favorite song EVER is probably Silhouette. Its a great song, and I always sing it and annoy all of my friends.
And yeah...I can be too preppy for my own good sometimes.

Sorry bout that. I am just really glad there's a Depswa community out there. :D

So thank you for making this place, and I will definately be lurking about here every once and a while!

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11th May 2004

tormentedglass7:31pm: new to the community
hey everyone, my name is Megan, i'm 16, and i'm from Lynchburg, Virginia and i love me some depswa. i've had their CD for quite some time (this guy i liked told me to buy it, so i did, but i never listened to it). anyways, my friend borrowed it for like 3 months and she just recently gave it back and i got bored on a road trip, so i busted out 2 angels and a dream and here i am. i absolutely LOVE the CD... i can't believe i waited so long to listen to it. hopefully i'll get to see them some day...
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23rd December 2003

dramacomic3:57pm: Favorites
Hello again. The community is a ghost town, understandably so since Depswa hasn't been up to much except dealing with the fact that Geffen dropped them. Hopefully they'll still be around.

Anyways, it's just me your bored moderator asking what some of your favorite albums were this year. I assume everyone in the comm likes 2 Angels and a Dream but this year I also liked

AFI - Sing the Sorrow
Finger Eleven - Self Titled
Cave In - Antenna
Sevendust - Seasons
Hoobastank - The Reason
Dope - Group Therapy
Thrice - The Artist in the Ambulance

and others I'm forgetting now, but what did you guys like?

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29th November 2003

fearthefailure5:42am: Yeah so I just recently discovered Depswa and they are fantastic. Unfortunately as I was browsing thier site I realized I just missed the end of thier tour. That sucks ass. I would love to see them live. Bah. Two Angels and a Dream kicks ass. I wish they would come to or near St Louis!
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25th September 2003

slaunchaman10:50pm: Some Depswa news
I don't know if anyone even reads this anymore, but anyway, here's some Depswa news:
  • Depswa is currently recording another album, which is why there's a lack of news.

  • If you're in the Hollywood area, Depswa is playing at Whisky A Go Go on the ninth of October.

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18th August 2003

fiendishangel3:45am: Depswa

Bunch of down to earth guys who love to party. =)

I hope they would have good things happenning in the future.
I'm very disappointed that they got dropped off of ozzfest.

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12th August 2003

dramacomic5:12pm: nooooooooooooooooooo
depswa got pulled from ozzfest!!

not fair!
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26th July 2003

mintygraves5:45pm: Just thinking
Hey everyone

Haven't posted in awhile. But I decided to post this fun little tib-bit.

I went to see Taproot at Irving Plaza on thursday night and while the first act, Still Naive were performing I starting thinking about the Cold concert I went to at Irving Plaza in April.
Depswa was the first opening act and the cool thing about the night was it was Jeremy's Birthday. They had brought out a cake and the whole crowd sang Happy Birthday to him. I thought that was really cool.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little tib-bit. :-D
If not then oh well I tried.

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crosshroomhead3:08am: ozzfest
so, i just got back from ozzfest, and let me tell you it was awesome. depswa kicked some major ass. i got one of their set lists, so i'm gonna post it on here cause i'm bored.

Not Responsible
From the Inside
This Time
The Path

Heh, i just noticed...whoever typed this out can't spell...or i have been speeling needles wrong forever. the set list says needels. ok, thats it. bye bye.


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24th July 2003

slaunchaman7:45am: Oh man…
So it turns out that my Ozzfest tickets are for tomorrow’s show. NOOOOOO!

::punches self::
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15th July 2003

dramacomic10:47am: greetings
hey kids! i've been back a while, but just getting around to community moderating again. glad to see there's been posting galore whilst i was away

and big welcome to all the members who joined while i was gone who i didn't get a chance to welcome before!

so now just keep it going. ozzfest comes to my town august 22nd which is WAY far from now. oh and does anyone know if they'll be doing autographs? many second stage ozzfest bands did when i went before. i didn't get any last year, and got nonpoint and union underground two years ago, both of whom were cool but less fan-friendly. i would be on cloud 9 if i got depswa's autographs and got to meet them!

okay that's all. till next time

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13th July 2003

steffyrawkchick11:10pm: Street teaming...
If you are having trouble getting on the street team email the captain... Chandra@m80im.com and tell her you want in. She will email you...

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